Temporary Trail Closures in the Flatirons

Temporary Trail Closures in the Flatirons

Trails in the Flatirons are frequently closed for repairs and to avoid erosion damage during mud season. Thank you in supporting all trail closures: they are important for improving long term access and preventing damage to trails and trailside vegetation during periods of mud!

OSMP staff monitor trail conditions daily and open trails once repairs are completed and when ground conditions dry out.  Current closures/openings can be found at here.  You can also use the interactive OSMP trail map  interactive trail map  before your day of climbing.

There is currently repair work being done on the NCAR-BEAR CANYON AND MESA TRAIL connections impacting Climber access to formations such Overhang Rock and Seal Rock. This work was initiated on November 2016 to repair the 2013 Flood Damage and is expected to last approximately six months.

The current closure details are as follows:

Intermittently closed 7:30 am to 5:30 pm, Monday through Friday:

NCAR – Bear Canyon Trail up to the Mesa Trail

Mesa Trail from NCAR – Bear Canyon intersection to Mallory Cave Trail intersection

Closed full-time (24 hours/day, seven days/week): (climber access impacted)

Mesa Trail from NCAR-Bear Canyon intersection to North Fork Shanahan Trail intersection.

Fern Canyon Trail spur from Mesa Trail intersection to Fern Canyon Trail.

Alternative Approaches to Overhang and Seal:

It is not possible to approach Overhang Rock at this time via the Fern Canyon Trail spur from the Mesa Trail intersection to Fern Canyon Trail (see map).  To access Overhang Rock and adjacent crags one needs to come in from the North on Bear Canyon trail, or approach from the East via the Mallory Cave trail up and around Der Freischutz then down to Stonehenge and across to Bear Canyon.

Seal Rock can be approached via the North Shanahan Trail to Fern Canyon Trail and then back East on the climbers’ trail below the Goose Eggs (avoiding the current Raptor Closure zone) to reach the Harmon Cave Trail and on to Seal Rock.


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