Covid-19 Guidance

March 25, 2020/by tlanzano

Overhang Rock Stewardship Event on Nov 2, 2019

October 25, 2019/by tlanzano

Volunteers Needed for Trail Projects

October 2, 2019/by tlanzano

Third Flatiron Closure Notice: Sun Oct 6, 8a-3p

October 1, 2019/by tlanzano

Flagstaff Trash Bash is Two Weeks Out!

August 29, 2019/by tlanzano

Join Us for the 20th Annual Flagstaff Trash Bash

July 30, 2019/by tlanzano

FHRC Public Meeting – Monday, June 3 at The Spot Boulder

May 6, 2019/by tlanzano
Maiden boulder flatirons eastern seas

FHRC Public Meeting – Tuesday, January 29th at the Spot, 6:30pm

December 28, 2018/by tlanzano

Seal Rock Trail Day

October 22, 2018/by tlanzano

FHRC Public Meeting – Wednesday, September 5th at the Spot, 6:30pm

September 1, 2018/by tlanzano

2018 Flagstaff Trash Bash!

August 18, 2018/by tlanzano

Successful year for cliff-nesting raptors!

August 17, 2018/by tlanzano

Extension of the Third Flatiron Closure and Other Updates

July 15, 2018/by tlanzano

Bear Activity at the Satellite Boulders and at the Gregory Canyon Amphitheater

May 23, 2018/by tlanzano

Raptor Closures Lifted in Skunk Canyon, Bear Creek Spire and Der Frieschutz

May 18, 2018/by tlanzano

Muddy Trail Closures

March 4, 2018/by Lindsay Wescott

FHRC Public Meeting – Thurs Feb 1 at The Spot, 6:30pm

January 22, 2018/by Lindsay Wescott

Rebolting in Fern Canyon

October 3, 2017/by Lindsay Wescott

2017 Flagstaff Trash Bash

September 1, 2017/by Lindsay Wescott

FHRC Public Meeting – Friday Sept 1 at The Spot, 6:30pm

August 28, 2017/by Lindsay Wescott

1st and 2nd Flatiron Trail Access During Closures

July 25, 2017/by Lindsay Wescott

New Formations Open for Bolting

July 16, 2017/by tlanzano

Flagstaff Trail Day

July 4, 2017/by tlanzano

Update on Trail Closures

June 9, 2017/by tlanzano

Raptor closure of Der Freischutz and surrounding formations

April 28, 2017/by tlanzano

How to muffle your drill during nesting season

April 16, 2017/by tlanzano

The Flatirons Climbing Council’s Position Statement on the Chautauqua Access Management Plan

April 5, 2017/by tlanzano

Temporary Trail Closures in the Flatirons

March 14, 2017/by tlanzano

Cliff-nesting raptor closures February 1 – July 31

February 12, 2017/by tlanzano

FHRC Public Meeting on Thursday, February 2 at the Spot Bouldering Gym

January 1, 2017/by tlanzano

Thank you Trango!

December 4, 2016/by tlanzano

2016 Year in Review

November 19, 2016/by tlanzano

Skunk Canyon Bolt Replacement Day

September 18, 2016/by tlanzano


August 19, 2016/by tlanzano

FHRC Public Meeting on September 1 at 6:30PM

August 4, 2016/by tlanzano

Dinosaur Rock and Der Zerkle Trail Project

July 9, 2016/by tlanzano

FHRC Public Meeting – June 2, 2016, at 6:30 PM at the Spot

May 16, 2016/by tlanzano

Thank You Trango!

November 19, 2015/by tlanzano

Attention Flatirons Route Developers!

November 13, 2015/by tlanzano

Successful Trash Bash!

September 13, 2015/by tlanzano


August 16, 2015/by tlanzano

Mickey Mouse Wall is now open!

August 7, 2015/by tlanzano

OSMP Opens the Third Flatiron, Matron and other formations. Mickey Mouse remains closed through August 15th.

July 31, 2015/by tlanzano

Thank you OSMP and volunteers for a successful Flagstaff trail day!

June 30, 2015/by tlanzano

FHRC Meeting – July 1st, 2015, at 6:30 PM at the Spot

June 28, 2015/by tlanzano

OSMP update on cliff nesting raptor closures

June 25, 2015/by tlanzano

15th Annual Flagstaff TRASH BASH – Sept 9, 2015

February 9, 2015/by admin

New Access Trail to the South Face of Seal Rock

February 9, 2015/by admin

Bolt Replacement on Mickey Mouse Wall

February 9, 2015/by admin