Permitted Areas

The complete list of areas, going from north to south, is as follows:

Gregory Canyon Amphitheater – 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and Ginseng Pinnacles

Third Flatiron – SW Chimney to North side

Sacred Cliffs

Skunk Canyon
Ridge One

Dinosaur Mountain 
Der Zerkle – the West and South sides
Red Devil – South side
The Box – West and North sides
Finger Flatiron – North side
The Hand – West side
Der Freischutz – West side
Dinosaur Rock

Bear Canyon
Overhang Rock
Bear Creek Spire

Seal Rock – North side

Seal Rock – South side

Fern Canyon
The Goose
The Slab – West side

The Matron (max 2 new routes)

The Maiden (max 2 new routes)